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Do you also want to produce music at home? Want to know what you need to build your own "Home" studio? Nowadays this is much easier and you need about a hand full of devices to realise your wish. Earlier (read 5 years ago) you might have lost a fortune to renting studio space and equipment, but those times are over. For a small EUR 1,000,-you can have your own studio at home. Add a lesson pack from DJ School Nederland and you're ready to produce a hit, just at home on your (sleeping) room or attic. Spacious so empty that one room or junk attic and say hello home studio! Below a "shopping list" of the equipment and other necessities:

  1. Desk with Office chair (you have to be able to get rid of your equipment and spend a lot of hours in succession)
  2. Computer (Apple or Windows) preferably not older than 5 years, a (gaming) mouse, Mousepath and matching keyboard is also desired
  3. The right software and plugins . DAW: FL Studio/Fruity Loops, Logic Pro X, Ableton 10, Cubase, Studio One plugins from OA Native Instruments, Waves, Fab Filter, Serum and more.
  4. Speakers especially for producing or studio monitors (available in all price ranges) and if budget permits a subwoofer
  5. Sound card or audio interface (your computer might already be equipped with a sound card, but to record really good quality audio you can not actually do without an (external) sound card) An audio interface should be included in addition To connect your computer to your studio monitors!
  6. MIDI keyboard (FROM about EUR 80,-you already have a good MIDI keyboard with which you can send or play your plugins)
  7. Microphone plus microphone stand (only needed when recording vocals or voice)
  8. Knowledge and Coaching (you can have the best equipment and software but if you do not know how to use this best and get the right feedback then you are there hours, days, weeks or years with no results and you stay with hundreds of unelaborated ideas Sit

DJ School Nederland provides tailor-made advice, we do not sell equipment. However, we have a lot of experience with the self-trial of software and other producer equipment and we like to share our knowledge with you. You can schedule an appointment for a producer or DJ course via our contact form.

DJ School Nederland

Stationsplein 91

5211BM, 's-Hertogenbosch (Noord-Brabant), NL

Phone: +31 626 12 433


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DJ School Nederland is 7 dagen per week geopend van maandag tot en met zondag van 11:00-23:30 uur, uitsluitend op afspraak.


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